5 Tips to Change Your Routine

Every morning, my friend here sits atop his boulder in my backyard without fail. He sits for hours, staring up onto the mountain that borders my backyard. How do I know he’s a He? Simple, all of the male Chuckawallas (a desert-dwelling lizard that grows up to 18”) that live on South Mountain in Phoenix, Arizona have pink, fleshy tails. They don’t exist anywhere else on the planet, only here, near my home.

He seems to be comfortable with my presence as I’ve been able to get quite close to him before he scurries back into his nest between the boulders. Recently, I’ve noticed a change in this scene as he’s found himself a girlfriend to share his nest with. She has a sweet smile, but the colorful tail only belongs to her mate.

My newfound resident reminded me of Einstein’s definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

For weeks, I watched this guy sit on his rock doing exactly the same thing, failing to attract the lizard of his dreams… Then one day, she appeared out of nowhere to join him. His life changed… but why? Did he wake up one day and decide to try something different? Hmm…

Wanna try something different today?

Here are 5 tips to changing your routine

  1. Sleep on the other side of your bed
  2. Put your left shoe on first
  3. Drive to work using a different route
  4. Eat a healthy breakfast
  5. Take a walk before work

Have you shaken up your routine with positive results? Share your new ideas here!