Branding Sets the Stage for your Event


In our article archives you’ll read about the importance of brand integrity through consistent design. This holds true when branding an annual event as well, but it’s OK to have some fun with it.

Branding sets the stage for your event; it’s your first impression to all new attendees and it serves as a reminder to all repeat attendees for past events.

Think of your event brand as a concert T-shirts of sorts, and past attendees will be your greatest recruiters. “I remember when I saw Mumford & Sons in 2011, you should go this year”.

Here are three key points in branding an annual event…

  1. Keep the main focus on the recognizable part of your logo.
  2. Add the year – 2013, ’13, XIII, etc.
  3. Add a landmark, or image that represents the location like the Space Needle, an Indy Car, or a Golden Palm Tree for a tropical location.

Very quickly, you’ll create an archive of past events and the people will start asking, “were you at the Chicago Symposia in 2012 too?”