Mickey Mouse Branding

“Mickey Mouse!” is what I heard from across the aisle of the plane as I prepared for my flight back from Seattle last night. I looked across to a three year old boy pointing in my direction. I quickly realized that he was looking past me, out the window on my side of the plane, to another plane parked next to us with a Disneyland logo painted on the side.

My thought, at first, was that that boy was very observant to see something I hadn’t even noticed, then as I looked at the logo I realized that there was no picture of Mickey Mouse on the side of the plane, just the Disneyland logo. This boy was only three years old, he didn’t read but he knew what that logo stood for. I looked to the father of this young man and said “he understands that brand, right” and the father said “yes, that and McDonald’s”.

It took me back to my childhood, remembering my little brother who was about the same age as this observant little guy on my plane. Every time my family drove past the golden arches my little brother would point and say “pickles & fries”.

Brand recognition is powerful at-a-glance, and if you have children, you absolutely understand that power. These companies have standards for how their brand can be presented with no alterations…Colors, Fonts, Placement.

Choose your brand carefully and protect it. One of your customer’s children may see it someday and say your name as they drive past one of your delivery trucks.

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