Agua Fria Freddie 2021 – Arizona’s Groundhog Day

Rattlesnake Pic

While onlookers in Pennsylvania are bundled up, anxious to see what Punxsutawney Phil forecasts on February 2nd, here in Arizona, we have our own weather prognosticator. Agua Fria Freddie! Arizona’s Groundhog Day!

Agua Fria Freddie, the legendary rattlesnake comes out every year to predict the coming of spring. Whether you care or not,  his accuracy is way better than his Pennsylvania counterpart. Freddie’s East Coast Weather Peer is only correct in his predictions 39% of the time since his first showing in 1887.

The legendary, yet lesser-known, Agua Fria Freddie lives right here in Arizona with a 98.8% accuracy rate.

Locals know him as Agua Fria Freddie, a shadow-seeking rattlesnake that comes out every year on February 2nd to predict the coming of Spring to us desert-dwellers.

This event is actually a non-event, as we cannot find record of any gathering to watch this legend search for his shadow. There are some legitimate reasons for not having an actual event to celebrate his findings this year. 

  • Tourists are already in shorts and t-shirts so they don’t care.
  • Social-Distancing… Need we say more?
  • Bill Murray was not available this year for the event.
  • Nobody ever volunteers to get close enough to look for the shadow of a rattlesnake.
  • The big party is at the Phoenix Open Golf Tournament
  • Football fans are busy preparing for Super Bowl LV

Don’t let his cute little Heart-Shaped picture lure you in for a closer look.

It’s not difficult to predict when Spring will arrive in Arizona when the sun shines 300+ days a year, but it is comforting to know that Agua Fria Freddie is watching out for us.

Just watch out for him the other 364 days a year when you’re hiking around South Mountain in Phoenix.


August 28th is National Red Wine Day

National Red Wine Day is actually celebrated twice a year. The August 28th event was created in 2013 to promote Red Wine during the Summer months. While the October 15th event origins are less clear.

Today’s celebration of this beloved beverage lands on a Friday, the day of choice for online wine parties with friends and family.

Our six months of virtual online wine parties during isolation have increased wine sales by 28% in 2020 yet the store shelves have remained fully stocked.

The History of Wine

About 6,000 years ago, the first winery was established in what is now Armenia. The ancient Greeks used wine for trade, religion and health as early as 800 BC. They cultivated grapes in Italy and Spain as they conquered their lands. In the 1300s, Europeans had no steady supply of clean drinking water causing the public (including children) to drink wine. In the 1500s, Spain introduces wine to the new world as a completely new alcoholic beverage.

California wines earn recognition in the 1970s after being snubbed for decades by critics worldwide. The domestic wine industry was ignited by this and today there are over 10,000 wineries in the US. Wineries exist in all 50 states.

Wine by the numbers

California boasts 4,613 wineries in 2020 producing 86% of all domestic wine, followed by Washington, Oregon, New York and Texas.

Of the legal drinking population, 49% drink wine. 54% of those consumers are Women while 46% are men and Red Wine is preferred over White Wine by a 65/35 ratio. The Wine Institute reported in 2018, the average consumer drank 2.95 gallons of wine per year making the US the largest wine consuming country by volume but the per capita rate is lower than many other countries.

Baby Boomers are 34% of the wine market, matched only by the Millennials, also at 34%. Gen X’ers and Gen Z’ers trail at 21% and 7% respectively.

Take it for a Swirl

Swirling your glass of wine aerates the beverage to release the aromas. Much of the pleasure in drinking wine comes from the many scents you inhale as you raise the glass to your nose. Once swirled, the aromas will settle in the glass so you don’t need to swirl every sip.

Many experts agree that red wine does not have to be served at the optimal room temperature of 65 – 70 degrees but rather, drink the wine at the temperature you enjoy. Chilling red wine in Summer months make it a more refreshing choice.

So tonight when your saying ‘cheers’ your virtual friends in front of your computer screen, enjoy the variety of wine that you like best at whatever temperature you like and toast National Red Wine Day.


Promotional Wine Glasses

Easy Holiday Business Gift Giving

Every year the Holidays sneak up on us. Not that we haven’t been forewarned 4 months ahead of time when the Holiday decorations start to show up in retail stores.

At first, we ignore it because it’s too ridiculously soon to even think about it. Then, before you know it December 15th arrives and we scramble for appropriate business gifts.

Remember that your gift should be a gift of Gratitude, not a billboard. It’s not the time for a T-shirt or a Padfolio with a calculator.

Be Tastefully Thoughtful

Sweets are a universally welcomed gift for the Holidays. They’re not just for the CEO or Business Owner, but for the entire office to enjoy throughout the Season. Showing your Gratitude to the entire customer’s office will get you more kudos from the boss than giving him or her something just for them.

Neatly packaged, and Tastefully Branded, professionally prepared Food Gifts are an excellent Corporate Gift for the Holidays. Your customers and their employees will be reminded of your gratitude with every tasty bite.

Your printed logo on the ribbon is a tasteful way to show you care without being self-serving.

Get it Off Your Plate and Onto Theirs

For your convenience, many food manufacturers can ship your gifts directly to your customers. This service eliminates the hassle of shopping, packaging and shipping.

Send us Your List and We’ll Check it Twice.

Be a Thoughtful Gift Giver

Aside from having your Tower of Chocolates wrapped in a ribbon with your logo printed on it, Be creative. You can also include a Holiday Greeting Card  if you wish.

Don’t make Holiday Gift Giving an opportunity to make a sale. Be gracious, be grateful, be sincere with your gift. And leave a great taste in their mouth when they think of you throughout the year.

If we can help you give appropriately this season, we would also be grateful.