Today is National Dog Day

August 26th is National Dog Day. This year, more than ever, our furry friends should be revered as National Heroes as they’ve kept us sane during the boredom of working from home.

Their unconditional love and insatiable need for attention have been a much needed distraction from the daily grind of sitting in our makeshift home offices.

Your dog’s schedule has been thrown off as much as yours during this shift in our new normal. T-R-E-A-Ts are requested (or demanded) more frequently throughout the day.

W-A-L-Ks are more frequent in my home as we both battle the urge to walk into the kitchen.

It’s no surprise that the American Pet Products Association estimates that in 2020 we will spend $99B on our pets and dogs are, by far, the largest category in that estimate. We spend money on toys for them but, like Kids, they prefer other items from your closet (my dog loves my dirty socks) to play with.

Unlike 6 months ago, my home office now includes a dog bed where my dog can nap and occasionally look up as I tap on my keyboard. He was a little thrown off in March when I altered my working situation but now I think he’s loving his new normal.

Give your little fuzzy hero an extra squeeze today for all of his help in making your new normal just a little more tolerable. After all, it is his day.


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