Sweet Swag for Your Virtual Conference

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I don’t know about you but I loved the anticipation of planning to attend an industry Conference or Trade Show. My excitement grows as I track the countdown to the date on my calendar before every conference.

The promise of networking with like-minded professionals in my industry, new products, new ideas, seeing old friends… the SWAG!

With Live Events in disarray, not only did all of the Conferences and Trade Shows cancel that Markit4Events provided SWAG for, but all of the Conferences I planned to personally attend cancelled too. No trips to Vegas, NYC or Dallas are on my calendar this year. No countdown of anticipation. No SWAG!

Sure, I can attend a Virtual Conference (and I reluctantly have) but there’s a lot missing from the experience…

Can you hear me now?

The Virtual Conference feels like more of a chore while I sit at my desk totally distracted by my phone, email and other things I’d rather be doing.

The learning sessions still provide me with useful information but, unlike an actual classroom, my phone is not silenced and my emails keep coming. It’s not the speaker’s fault, they’re still delivering the knowledge.

I’m just not engaged. The virtual background on the screen is distracting and feels inauthentic. I find myself checking out, while I hear the speaker but I’m not listening.

I have very distinct memories of past conferences I have attended but I guarantee that by the following week, the Virtual Conference will be long gone from my ability to recall it.

Elevate the anticipation

Social media, emails and text messages are great for reminding attendees that the conference is ‘coming soon’ but do these tools really create anticipation and excitement for the event?

Virtual messages are like bumper stickers on the super highway of digital information we are bombarded with every day.

Pre-Engage your Virtual Attendees with a Gift

Build anticipation and excitement for your Virtual Meetings by sending your pre-registered attendees a Virtual Conference Gift Set. We have not only created Standard Kits to make your selection easy, but we can print, build, package and send custom kits made up with any items on our site.

Physical SWAG Kits build a sense of engagement with Virtual Conference Attendees. This is a win for sponsors too. The purpose of sponsoring an event is to engage the attendees. Virtual Conferences without the SWAG can only offer digital banners and follow up emails. Sponsors want a leave-behind physical item like a Water Bottle, a T-Shirt, or a Tote Bag that will display their logo for months after the event.

Earbuds are one of our favorite gifts for Virtual Conferences because the attendees will tune-out the distractions at the office or at home during the Meeting.

Engage your Speakers to Engage your Attendees

Without the sites, sounds and energy of a physical Conference, not only are your attendees missing out on the excitement but your speakers will be too. Selecting the right speakers for your sessions will be paramount to keep your attendees engaged.

Although a speaker may have the information you want to provide in the session, they may not be polished in a Virtual Conference setting. Face it, sessions about Finance or Government regulations can even be dry and boring in person, even though the information is important. Especially after the lunch break!

Virtual interviews with your Speakers will give you a feel for what it will be like for your attendees. Consider a moderator, a second voice, in the session that can add some color-commentating (like we see in all sports broadcasts) to raise the energy level.

Provide your Speakers with feedback about their on-screen energy level and the quality of their virtual meeting technology. They’re not always professional speakers and will appreciate the guidance. You can also provide them with the tools to create a better environment with Graphic Back Walls branded for your event and Wireless Earbuds for a better connection without being tethered to their screen.

Don’t consider these tools as Speaker Gifts. Give them a special thank you gift that they’ll keep forever to show your appreciation for their extra effort. Some of our favorites include Wireless Headphones, BBQ Grilling Accessories and Bluetooth Speakers.

Lifestyle gifts, things they’ll use at home, add a personal touch to your gratitude.

Keep the energy level high to keep your attendees engaged. Trivia, contests and rewards during your virtual conference can help keep your attendees engaged…And Awake at their desk!

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