The Man with Two Brains


It wasn’t long ago that designer’s studios were equipped with tools like X-Acto knives, drawing boards, T-squares and dark rooms. The evolution of computer graphics has increased the efficiency of design, and allowed for spectacular effects that were not possible before.

The technology of design, however, can get in the way of great design if you don’t understand the strengths of the designer you choose for the project.

It’s a left-brain, right-brain thing.

Would you ever ask your CPA to provide your quarterlies in a font that represents your brand? Or hire a painter to download the appropriate apps on your tablet to run your business? In essence, this is similar to what designers are asked to do every day.

Every designer has different strengths and you’ll waste resources and overspend if you don’t know their specialty.

Don’t waste your money hiring the designer who created your logo to change a name on a business card every time you hire a new employee. It’s like asking the team that designed you car to change your tire.

Having more than one designer is best, so you can use them only when you need their specific talents. Some are great at font selection, others are color specialists, while the best choice for the project may be the designer that can most efficiently get the changes made in a file created in software program that none of us non-designers understand. Also, be sure they all understand the basics of your brand.

A team of designers will keep your brand fresh and current.

Great on-going design for your business requires a solid understanding of your brand, eye-catching imagery that doesn’t get in the way, and a compelling message that leads your prospect down a direct path to purchasing what you are selling.

Don’t have time to manage a team of designers? Get to know us!

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