Your Next Customer’s Favorite New Pen


Good promotional products attract attention, spark an emotional response or create long-term use.

Branded items your customers (or soon-to-be-customers) use puts your “brand in their hand” regularly. And that, in turn, keeps you at the top of their mind.

Case in point: Karen and her obsession with her stylus pen.

“I’m obsessed with it. Gone are the days of the sticky finger prints on my ipad screen and finger fumbling my way across my smart phone. I now happily bump my buttons with my pen and have one in my purse, bedside table and on my desk. It’s my current favorite promotional product and I give them to all of my customers.”

When we produced a “Pop Up Store” this was by far our best seller. People were snatching up bundles to take home as gifts.

Consider promotional items that either solve a problem or create a feeling. This one does both.

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