Stand Out with Intangibles that Leave a Lasting Impression


When we think of design, usually an image, logo, brochure, or web site pops into our heads. These are very tangible designs that we see. Something we can relate to, and yes, they are extremely important in sharing our company’s image with our customers.

But there is so much more to your Brand. And if you don’t get the intangibles right, those images will stick with your customer far longer than the pretty picture you paid to create.

Create a brand that stands out. Not just with a great logo or website, but make an attempt to understand your customer’s experience and manage it. Help them have a great day and look forward to the contact they have with your company. It doesn’t take much.

Chart Your Brand – Teach the team all across the organizational chart with an internal brand campaign. Use Employee Handbooks that outline expectations and create Mentor Programs where coworkers model best behaviors. Print Posters reinforcing company values and reward years of service and leadership with Incentive Awards.

Break down barriers to exceptional, natural customer service. Start by answering the phone. So simple, but so rare these days. If you must use an automated service, reduce phone prompt choices before personal contact. Train your team with a script of key points and questions to gain information you need, then encourage them to relax and be themselves.

Packaging your Brand – Make sure your brand is everywhere it can be. Review packaging of products on boxes, wrapping and shipping supplies. Offer solutions and ease of support with downloadable instructions what are well branded. Be sure all profiles on social media are consistent.

Establish Follow up Systems of Gratitude. With the ease of automation, no one has any excuse not to send a thank you. Emails are bare minimum, a phone call is great, but nothing beats a good old-fashioned hand written note card. If your crowd is more current, maybe a post in the social realm is what your audience expects. What fits for your brand? However you do it, recognition is critical for establishing brand loyalty.

Design your brand by understanding what your customer wants. Every person within your company is in the position of supporting your brand, and the companies that do this stand out. Be the Nordstrom, the Google, or the Land’s End in your industry and your customer will be your best and most effective sales team.

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