Know your Target Audience


The first step in an effective marketing campaign is to know your target audience and only focus on them.

You want to reach people who are interested in your product or service, and can afford it will buy from you. Don’t waste your resources talking to people who are not in need of what you’re selling.

Your response rates will be much higher if you focus the 5,000 people in your market who are most likely to buy from you, rather than 50,000 recipients you know nothing about.

Get to know who you should market to by analyzing customers you already have.

  • Are they homeowners in a specific area?
  • How about their age?
  • Income?
  • Do you want to target businesses with 50 or more employees?

Some of these answers may be generalizations but they will help you to focus your direct mail efforts on the right buyer.

Once you’ve identified your target, keep them in your sights and talk to them frequently. Create a strategy to relay important information or announce specials or seasonal reminders.

Each point of contact from your campaign will create confidence and recognition with your target buyer.

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