Accuracy in Shipping to Events


We’ve been providing event materials for a long time and managing a Pop Up Store across the country gave us first hand experience with shipping to event facilities.

Since distribution is often handled by a third party, it is vital that the products you are sending are marked exactly as instructed.

Don’t get Lost in the Shuffle

Freight management companies often will receive shipments off-site with a deadline after which they will not accept anything. This is because they have to load up the trucks to transport the pallets to the event facility.

Often these freight managers will have set arrive times up to 12 hours before. Then within 12 hours from the time the event is over, everything is sent off again before the next event.

Late arrivals will guarantee lost packages.

Typically there are very specific instructions for your boxes and improper labeling can result in lost shipments, so read carefully.

Here are some more Shipping Tips:

Carry the critical things you need for the first day if possible. Registration lists, schedules, contact information etc.

Know the delivery deadlines to avoid RUSH charges.

Number Boxes with 1 of 5, 2 of 5 etc. to be sure everything arrives and are quick to inventory.

Know drop off times when your materials are expected at the facility. If your booth is in a location with public access, you’ll want to be sure to be there first.

Create Simple Labels in a Word Document that can be quickly printed and taped onto packages. Send this as an attachment to all of your vendors.

Accuracy of the distribution of your shipped items is critical. Using these tips will help to avoid stress and get everything where you need it ahead of time.

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